My name is Andy Smith and I am Chevron’s remediation project manager at the San Luis Obispo Tank Farm site. Chevron is excited to be moving ahead with plans to revitalize the property. This website is designed to provide information to keep you informed about our progress. We welcome your participation.

After years of working on plans for the future use of our SLO Tank Farm Road property, the project’s Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) was released in early January 2014. The proposal for the 332-acre Chevron Tank Farm Road site includes 250+ acres of open space, new recreation areas and trails, a business park, land for sports fields, and site remediation and restoration. We are excited to be sharing our vision and hope you will agree it is a good plan for one of San Luis Obispo’s most important corridors. The FEIR can be found at the City website.  In addition, the Regional Water Quality Control Board for the Central Coast has revised the Remedial Action Plan (RAP) that was originally submitted in 2007 and is posted on the RWQCB SLO Tank Farm Geotracker website.

On September 2, 2014, the SLO City Council unanimously approved certification of our SLO Tank Farm FEIR. This certification represents years of cooperative efforts between Chevron, various agencies, regulators, government officials and community members. This certification affords us the opportunity to proceed with the permitting process to remediate and restore the property. The SLO City Council also unanimously approved the Airport Area Specific Plan (AASP) Amendments for Chapters 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8, which are important to the development part of the project, with the understanding there will likely be additional amendments in the future. In addition, SLO City Council gave guidance to the City Staff that there is nothing objectionable in the Development Agreement Term Sheet and they are supportive of continuing to work with Chevron on the development and reimbursement agreements. SLO City Council would also like to see the outcome of the Land Use and Circulation Elements (LUCE) public hearings and the prioritization of infrastructure projects across the City that will be a partial outcome of input from these hearings.

Chevron activities will now focus on obtaining the necessary construction permits from the County of SLO and other agencies to begin the remediation and restoration work on the property. It is anticipated that construction will commence after the second quarter of 2016 and construction will extend over a three to four year period.

Our project website, www.slotankfarm.com, will be updated as we move forward. Please contact me via the email address below if you are a member of an organization that would like a presentation about our proposed plans.

We appreciate your continued interest in our SLO Tank Farm Remediation and Development Project.


Andy Smith
Project Remediation Manager